Effective Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving may be exciting, but packing can be daunting. You don’t realize how much “stuff” you own until you have to move it. Where do you start? How are you going to tackle it all in time for moving day when you call movers?

If you’re about to embark on a move and packing is overwhelming you, you’ve come to the right place! Never miss a Jets game with NY Jets Here are some highly effective tips from professional movers that will help make packing a breeze.

Start Early

The earlier you start, the less stressed you’ll be – and the more efficient your packing will be. As soon as you select a Long Island Moving date, get ready to start packing. Ideally, you should give yourself at least a month to pack, though even more time is better. Dedicate some time each day, an hour or more, to packing. Yes, you may have boxes lying around until moving day, but that day will arrive before you know it.

Get Rid of What You No Longer Need

Going through your entire home will yield a lot of junk – stuff you no longer need or want. This is where Junk Raps will come in. Their speedy service, great prices, and fantastic results will wow you. They’ll come when you call a dumpster rental company and be there ready to help in no time. You’d be surprised by how many boxes, desks, chairs, and furniture that you have and aren’t in great shape. Call them today to help with getting rid of your unwanted items.


Get the Right Supplies

You need to make sure you have the right supplies in order to ensure your items are properly stored and secured during transit. Boxes are a must, and you’ll want to have various sizes. You can purchase boxes from a long island moving company or a shipping supply store. To save money, visit grocery stores and liquor stores to find out if they have any boxes available from shipments; however, make sure that they are clean and sturdy before you take them.

Plastic bins with tops are also a good idea to have on hand. They are easy to stack, and can be reused for storage in your new home. Instead of newspaper, wrap breakables in bubble wrap. Get the best alarm systems in your county with alarm system Harris County. Newspaper print can stain. You’ll also want to have heavy duty packing tape to seal up your boxes.

Ask for Help

Packing alone can be daunting, so don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help. Invite everyone over for a packing party. Don’t forget to offer food and drinks and maybe even some small tokens to show your appreciation, such as gift cards or picture frames. Turn up the music, chat, and have fun. You’ll find that packing will be a lot easier – and go a lot faster – with a little help from your friends and  a moving and storage company.

Call a Local Dumpster Company

Moving isn’t easy. With all that unpacking, you’ll have plenty of tape, boxes, packing peanuts, and newspaper lying around. This, along with the fact that your new home might have unwanted items and trash on your property will leave you wondering what to do with it all. This is where moving companies in Long Island ny comes along. They have been in business for many years and have all the necessary dumpsters and bins available to get your yard and your home cleaned up and ready to start building on. If you need junk removal farmingdale, then call them today. They’ll be at your new house in no time.

Take Inventory

You probably have a lot of things that you aren’t going to want to take to your new home. Why pack them? Before you dive in, take an inventory of your possessions. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of before you move. Have you tried getting new solar panels for your home or business then try contacting solar companies orlando. If there are items that you aren’t sure about, consider their condition and how often you use them. Anything in poor condition (ripped, torn, faded, tattered,) or you can’t recall the last time were used you’ll probably want to get rid of. Donate those items, have a yard sale, or if they’re really antiquated or in disrepair, toss them.


Least Used Items First

Even though all of your belongings will eventually need to be packed, you don’t want to pack up items that you’re going to need right up until moving day. Start with the things you use the least; seasonal items, cookware that you don’t use often, etc. Put off packing necessities until right before the big day. You’ll save yourself from some major inconveniences, such as not being able to find what you need and having to unpack and repack several times.

Don’t Forget to Label

Even if you have a great memory, chances are that you won’t remember what’s inside every container. Make sure you clearly label each box and bin. Include the items that they contain, as well as the locations they should be placed in your new home. And of course, don’t forget to mark items that are fragile. You’ll save yourself valuable time and avoid major headaches when you’re unpacking. Moving companies long island ny is your one stop shop for moving to another location.

Avoid Packing Mistakes

Mistakes are easy to make when you’re packing. After all, it’s not exactly the most enjoyable thing to do and you’ll probably want to get it over with as quickly as possible. However, take the time to avoid rushing and take care not to make mistakes.

Some things to avoid include:

  • Using large boxes and containers with heavy items, such as books. Instead, fill large boxes with lighter items (towels, blankets, etc) and use smaller boxes for heavier things.
  • Keeping your drawers full. It might seem like a hassle to unload them when you’re going to refill them, but drawers can open during a move. Emptying them will prevent damage and frustration.
  • Cramming boxes and bins that hold breakables. Leave space between items that can shatter and fill it with packing peanuts to avoid having your belongings destroyed.

By following these tips, you’ll find packing your old home and cleaning up your new home will be a lot easier, and much more successful. Of course, you might always need a hand cleaning up after the move. Call long island junk removal today to send a truck over to your house to collect the unwanted debris and materials. Prestige Carting is one of long islands premier carting companies and will have your property cleaned up in no time. Their friendly service and great pricing makes them a good choice.